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Mrs.Monika Arora(Parent of two children)

I am yet to come across such a thorough professional, well experienced coach with practical approach in life. Thanks to Dr Anushrita At Mindful Patenting Hub, I have understood what Mindfulness is all about. Mindfulness is not rushing into things, I learnt mindfulness is accepting the present completely to have a better future. Dr. Anushrita has compiled the course in easy language and after the course, the 30 days challenge is what makes this even more interesting. In Mindful Parenting Blueprint course, Main focus is To understand the Basics of communication with your children, what’s the demand of the situation as kids behavioural changes keep coming everyday. Especially I being a working woman used to feel although more challenging however Dr Anushrita has been very helpful to me In keeping a balance in my life. After completing the Level 01 course I could see the transformation in myself and my child. It has been a true blessing for me. I sincerely would like to thank Dr Anushrita, who have been really a saviour for me and I highly recommended to all the parents who are looking for a blissful parenting.


Mrs.Priyanka Lohchab

My daughter is active , I was aware but she is hyperactive I got to know when I contacted Dr Anushrita…!!! Problem started when I started her online classes…!!! She was not ready to sit and learn…!!! . Her sleeping hours were not normal… !!! She kept ingnoring my instructions and day by day her behaviour was turning weird for me..!!! Dr Anushrita is my life saviour. When I approached her she told be that Tiana is a kinaesthetic learner..!!! She guided me thoroughly and I implemented her instructions in her daily life routine. Tremendously she was changed in her school activities and in social gatherings too..!!! She started listening to me and her school teacher also appreciated her. Now she is such a good learner… All thanks to Dr Anushrita and I highly recommend mindful parenting to all those parents who are facing problems in communicating with their own children…!!! I will be grateful to her for all her support and guidance…!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!! Your efforts are really really appreciated …!!!!!

I would like to thank Dr. Anushrita for her great contribution towards understanding my child’s behaviour which helped us in interaction with child and to teach things in a different way with mindful parenting
Mohit Agarwal
Parent of a 3 yrs old Boy