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I am Dr. Anushrita, a Ph.D. in Life Sciences and a certified Parenting Coach. I am an avid reader and a thinker with roots grounded in spirituality. I am a mother of a 4 years old daughter and for over 5 years, I have been counseling and helping parents with mindfulness to have a peaceful living.

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With a PhD in Life Sciences, I am also certified trainer, coach, mentor and an avid reader with a keen interest in human interaction and psyche. I am a mother of a 4 years old daughter and over 5 years, I have been coaching and helping people to be their best version and achieve whatever goals they set for themselves by being mindful in every action they take. Since mindfulness is a lesser known tool but highly effective, I decided to bring it up at a professional level and hence my journey of being a momprenuer started. 

All the parenting journeys have their own stories and have something unique in them. I was born in a city of Uttar Pradesh and have two younger brothers as siblings. I had quite an amazing blend of both creative and logical bent of brains in my home. My mother who was a well-qualified Arts teacher in the 1980s taught me how to be my creative best on whatever you have in life and add humor to a situation which did not go as planned. However, my father who was more into logic and reasoning always had some challenges to throw when you think you know it all. And this was the key to being grounded always.

While growing in a liberal home, I realized how important it is to be heard and understood. My father always had his thought which he believed were right for his children, despite that he never forced any of us to choose what he wanted. He always gave attention to what we wanted and discussed in depth the pros and cons of every choice we would propose for our lives. The open dialogues helped us being upfront and honest. When we were teenagers, we never tried to hide something from our parents, whether it was anger, fear, insecurities, uncertainties, frustration or disappointment. However, there were certain topics with which either of them would not be very comfortable, they yet put together everything so well that every problem would seem sorted and to top it all my mother always added humor to it. Amidst all this, the most important lesson I learnt as a child was, you have a right to speak your mind and you will be heard.

While traveling for my research all over India and some part of Europe and U.S. I had ample opportunities to meet, interact and observe parents from various background and culture. That also gave me a fair idea of how the world is changing at a faster pace than ever and what are the basic differences in the western culture and Indian culture and what can be done to fill this gap and work towards raising a generation which is more global and aware. And it was after my own maternal journey started along with my full time working job, I decided to bring forth what all is needed to be whole as a parent and how to pass the same to next generation. I read all possible standard research articles about early brain stimulation and around every thing possible on parenting and basics of child psychology and now this all is ready for you in the most simplified version. This is how Mindful Parenting Hub was formed and aims to flourish with the beautiful people joining me on the same journey.